A Background to Zenith Watches

The word manufacture obtains from the French language where . the word actually indicates a ‘producing company ‘. In the watch-making . market’ manufacture ‘has actually become utilized to signify a factory where watches . are made nearly totally if not totally – in specific, the watch .’ movement ‘, the primary components and system of a watch. Due to the fact that Zenith, develops, . makes and assembles its own movements in its workshops in Le Locle, in Switzerland, it . can be called a Swiss Watch Manufacture. . A term and a warranty of excellence that is unusual for a watch brand today.Then, having actually developed what he felt was the best watch . motion, Georges Favre-Jacot went out and looked up towards the starlit sky. . The story goes, he saw a massive constellation reversing the Pole star. . For Georges, the stars turning around the axis of the Pole star remembered the . motion of the pivots and the wheels on their axes in the movement he had just . developed. It was then he decided then to call his brand-new motion, and its . Manufacture, after the word that designates the acme in deep space, zenith. He also embraced the star as the .

business’s logo.Georges Favre-Jacot retired in 1929, by which time Zenith . had attained watch-making history . winning prominent prizes and medals for timekeeping accuracy at . global shows in Geneva, Paris, . Barcelona, and . Neuchâtel. In 1969, Zenith produced the world’s first automated chronograph . motion, the El Primero. Besides this first, what makes this specific . movement special is that it oscillating at 36,000 alternations per hour, and so . it is able to measure brief time periods to a tenth of a 2nd, an . unsurpassed world record in 1969. In 1995, Zenith launched a new generation of . ultra-thin motions, the Elite, which was just recently voted finest mechanical . movement by the expert press. Zenith has been awarded over 1,500 prizes . and commendations – making Zenith the most granted Swiss brand.As a result of this exceptional credibility Zenith produces . three of the most essential mechanical motions of the luxury watch industry. . These are the automated integrated chronograph El Primero, the mechanical . ultra-slim Elite motion, and the hand-wound 22-line 5011 K motion. Not . pleased with producing the world’s most searched for motions, in 2005 . Zenith launched their first Haute Couture watch: the Starissime for females. It . is a tourbillon that has actually been embellished with 230 diamonds.Zenith are also

understood and appreciated for their own luxury, . high-end watches as they are for their movements that are utilized in many view . brand names all over the world.
In 2009, to commemorate the 40th anniversary . of the making of their El Primero
movement, Zenith have launched a remarkable . variety of Zenith views< img src=" http://www.articlesfactory.com/pic/x.gif" alt=" Science Articles" border=" 0"/ >, in 2 collections: the Originals and New Vintage 69.

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