A pocket watch designed with many faces

A watch is what it is, a watch in the pocket. Distinction takes place with the face of these pocket watches. Watch today have actually ended up being a collector’s pastime and there are many who select by means of the brand or the style of the watch.Pocket watches can

be classified in 5 various methods. First of all is the open face watch. In this style the face of the watch is entirely unguarded leaving it open to damage. Many open face pocket watches had faces of porcelain and it was extremely vulnerable to damage.The hunter watch is where the face and the crystals of the watch are secured

by a cover that is hinged to the watch. This cover protects the face of the watch from dust, dirt and scratches or any other damage. The beauty of the watch lay in its cover which might have been ornately inscribed with a design, or carry one’s initials or even have the ability to carry the picture of a loved one in the within cover. Nevertheless this was a limitation to the usage of the watch considering that each time one required to know the time the watch needed to be opened. This caused the advancement of the half hunter watch. The half hunter watch have the finest of both the open

face and hunter watch. The cover of the half hunter had an opening through which it was possible to read the time without the requirement to open the case.A double hunter watch has a casing on both sides of the watch

. The face is covered in the front and at the back the mechanism is covered however it is easily seen. The reality that it has a casing on both sides enables the watch to stand by itself.The double half hunter watch has covers on both the front and the back of the watch. They could be opened. These watches enables one to see the time on one side and the system of the watch on the other side.

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