Chinese Black Tea Benefits

Chinese black tea is often confused with red tea because black tea in America is something entirely different. Chinese black tea can also be called fermented tea or more typically referred to as dark tea.

One of the most unique things you’ll notice about Chinese black tea is simply how strong the taste is. It has a very unique taste and tastes a lot stronger than the typical white tea and the green tea.

Nutritional Value of Black Tea

Like other kinds of tea, black tea contains:


Amino acids




Significant minerals and trace element




Furthermore, black tea is low in salt and calories (if you don’t include a sweetener!). lus, black tea has a strong flavor, making it an excellent replacement for those accustomed to sodas other unhealthy beverages (which also tend to have vibrant flavors).

Black Tea Benefits

Extensively recognized as a mental stimulant, black tea is also acknowledged for its other prospective health advantages, mostly because of its caffeine and antioxidant material. Black tea also contains sufficient fluoride to perhaps assist avoid oral carries, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. Black tea can help prevent orthostatic hypertension– lightheadedness triggered by standing too quickly– and is perhaps efficient for reducing the threat of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, kidney stones, Parkinson’s disease and ovarian cancer. Research study for other kinds of cancer in animals suggests that black tea may have an effect in decreasing the risk of specific cancers, such as prostate and lung cancer, however research studies in people have actually yielded combined results. More research is needed for other expected benefits, including those for osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, dental cariesFree Articles< img src="" alt="Free Articles" border="0"/ >, hypertension and stomach conditions.

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