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. A clock generator is utilized to produce a clock pulse. timing signals. . Microprocessors and other incorporated circuits utilize a clock to . function. A clock generator is available as a single incorporated . circuit and is commonly used as the clock source for various . electronic and processing systems. The clock generator is utilized to set . a time or speed to which specific units synchronize. The process of . synchronization is extremely crucial in complicated processes and programs . that utilize numerous gadgets. .

. . Working of a clock generator: . The clock generator is an electrical circuit with a resonant circuit . and an amplifier. The resonator circuit is comprised of a quartz . piezo-electric oscillator. The amplifier circuit inverts a signal . from the oscillator and some part is led back into the oscillator . so that the oscillation continues. .

. . Kinds of clock generators: .
micro controller type with a crystal oscillator

. micro controller with resistor-capacitor set . Programmable

: Different output levels can be set. Used in . graphics, hard disk and clock integrating applications.

. Versatile type

. direct rambus clock generator: performs clock multiplication using .
PLL . Multi-clock generator: can produce several systems clocks

. Clock generator with double 1-to-4 buffers

. Double PLL multi-clock generator .

. . Applications:

. Clock generators are used in: .
. PC and peripheral IC-personal computer

. line-powered 60 Hz clock generator

. programmable clock generator

. MIDI, digital TELEVISION applications

. 6 output PLL frequency generator

. IBIS simulation modelsArticle Search< img src="" alt="Short article Browse" border="0"/ >

, low-power . concurrent voltage-to-frequency converter

. digital resampler .
mixed-signal microcontroller applications

. voice band audio processor

. fixed-point digital signal processors

. floating-point DSP

. USB streaming controller

. DSP multi-channel audio serial port

. dual-core processor clock generation and system reset management

. 133-MHz clock synthesizer/driver for PC motherboards

. big audio recording studios where a big quantity of equipment needs . to be synchronized to a master clock

. MIPS-based printer and customer applications

. ultra-low power supply voltage generators

. .
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