Contemporary design and Stainless steel wine bottle holder

This distinct and clearly elegant Opold White wine Bottle Holder by Blomus includes among the most ingenious designs in bottle storage. This German crafted piece is ultra-modern and freestanding for a wonderful counter top accessory. This Opold wine bottle holder is style with this stainless steel wine bottle holder from Blomus.Opold wine Bottle holder from Blomus End up Stainless-steel Dimensions opold bottle holder 8H Includes Contemporary style and Stainless-steel. Handsomely and durably constructed of stainless-steel in a contemporary brushed finish, the vertical rack functions eight lined loops that hold bottles securely by the neck in a sideways style. . This cheap smooth Blomus Wall Mounted White Wine


is crafted from stainless-steel style. When your rack and cabinet space is limited, saving bottle can end up being a problem. High quality Blomus fixes the issue with this super trendy and space-efficient wall-mounted bottle holder. This Opold red wine holder is straight forward appearance and useful performance. . This stainless steel distinct and clearly stylish Opold Bottle Holder by Blomus

features one of the most innovative designs in bottle storage. Crafted in smooth European style, this cutting edge stainless-steel red wine holder features a platform lip that holds any kind of bottle without spilling, even after the cork is popped. This German crafted piece is ultra-modern and freestanding for a delightful counter top accessory. Be gotten ready for your household and guests to be surprised by its spectacular design and stainless steel surface. This clean and contemporary style makes this red wine storage a must have product for your dining table. . Functions: Distinct design Stainless steel Tough stainless steel construction Lip holds any kind of bottle Free-standing

. This OPOLD red wine bottle holder is fantastic style with this stainless-steel wine bottle holder

from Blomus. The Blomus OPOLD Bottle Holder provides a


resting location for wine while improving the modernity of an interior with its edgy, yet practical< img src ="" alt=" Article Submission" border=" 0"/ >, style. The OPOLD Bottle Holder was created by Floz Design and functions stainless steelArticle Submission. Please acquire online in Newyork.

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