Cuckoo Clock Movements

Cuckoo clocks utilize mechanical movements to wind the clocks time. Make the cuckoo bird call. Make animated figurines move like beer drinkers wood choppers kids on a teeter totter as well as play tunes. By pulling on the chains with the weights and bringing the weights up to the top simply below the clock winds the motion. As the time piece moves the pine cone or weight moves down with the chain that is connected to it. When the weight gets to the bottom of the length of chain the weight needs to be drawn back up to the top.There are 2 types of mechanical clock motions set up into these cuckoo clocks. A 1 day motion and an 8 day motion. The 1 day needs to be wound every 24 hours and the 8 day has to be wound as soon as a week. Ninety percent of these movements are called a Regula movement. There are a couple cuckoo clock companies that develop their own motions like Hubert Herr. These precision clock motions are integrated in Germany in the Black Forest location. The 1 day motion is called regula 25 and the 8 day is a regula 34. The mechanical 1 day cuckoo clock utilizes 1 motion or train to work the time piece in addition to the cuckoo bird. There is 1 chain and weight used to wind the time piece and another chain and weight to wind the cuckoo bird. With the mechanical 8 day clock it also utilizes 2 chains and weights to wind the time piece and the cuckoo bird but these weights are bigger and heavier than the 1 day chains.There is also by regula 1 day musical movements and 8 day musical. These motions have an additional motion or train developed into the system to play the tunes. One of the trains works the time piece and the cuckoo bird and the other train works the tunes. The 1 day musical movement utilizes 3 chain and weights. One to wind the time piece one to wind the cuckoo bird and the 3rd one for the tunes. This is the exact same for the 8 day musical movement.On the front of these motions is the rack and snail that count the hours for the time piece. These are the black pieces in the middle of the movement. The long wire sticking up from one side is where the cuckoo wire where the rests on. This movement has 2 trains which work individually of each other with 1 typical part or shaft that comes out of the middle of the motion and the clock hands are connected to it. The camera lags the snail and raises a lever that launches the strike at the best time to move the hands. Each train uses a weight to make it work. The ratchet wheel that the chain and weights are attached to are at the bottom of the train. At the back of the train is a star wheel that lifts the levers that control the bellows for the cuckoo call and the gong hammer.This is the fundamental workings of the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock movement.Source: Free Articles from

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