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Aircraft maintenance . describes a series of regular checks which are done after a particular amount of . time or usage on all the aircrafts. These are casually described in air travel . terms as A check, B check which are the lighter checks and are take smaller sized . period, C check and D check which are the heavier checks and take fairly .

longer duration.

GPS or the International positioning system has actually become one of the . irreplaceable elements of aviation. These portable handsets are of great aid . to pilots throughout flights next to the advances in technology permit them to access . weather related and other critical details through them.

Aviation GPS

The GPS innovation now comes integrated with the modern all . glass cockpits and in some cases installed by licensed market companies. The Air travel GPS makes the aircraft costly . by around$ 20,000 or more. However, considering the benefits, the expense does not .
stand anywhere in comparison. There are lots of advantages of portable GPS and it . offers fantastic supplement to aircraft’s instrumentation by intuitive, moving map . views and navigation overlays. Some of the Air travel functions include Surface . page, position data page, taxi diagrams, map page, “direct to ” navigation, . route page, page on nearest airport, city and flight service, airport criteria . and directory info together with various alerts.The rate for these aviation . GPS units is around$ 700 to $2400. Garmin GPSMAP 696 Aviation


GPS With the split screen functionality or the multi-function . display model known as MFD the Garmin GPSMAP 696 takes
the portable GPS . aviation to the next level. The 696 boasts of a huge 7 inch diagonal intense and . a high resolution display screen which when run in its unique split screen mode . lets you display instruments and maps all at once.
Undoubtedly it’s your . option if you want to use all of the screen for maps, weather condition ,
terrain , taxiway diagrams or more. The Garmin GPSMAP 696 air travel GPS is for pilots who wish to utilize every feature of this . innovative air travel GPS and has space for . installing 8X6 inches device or can utilize a yoke install. The pros for 696 GPS are .
that it has a high resolution surface alert feature apart from the center to .
simultaneously see maps and instruments on a big high resolution screen and an .
integrated weather condition display layer and XM satellite weather radio. The cons for .
Garmin GPSMAP 696 GPS consist of the big size which might discover it challenging to fit .
in and it would need putting some decent effort to study and come to terms . with all its features and controls.

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