How to change a silicone watch battery

The main content in this post is reveal you how to alter a silicone watch battery, when your silicone watch battery is die.When a silicone watch battery passes away, you should change it!If you do not have a case back opener, you can use a spectacles screwdriver as long as it is flat-head. Now simulate this: STEP one. Place the jelly watch in the watch vise with the back facing you. Protect the vise to hold the silicone watch in place while you work. If you do not have a watch vise, you need to securely hold the silicone watch in your hand.STEP two. Place the case back opener into the slot on the

back of the silicone watch. The case back opener is a flat-edge energy tool which pries the back open without scratching the piece.STEP 3. Pry the withdraw with the case back opener and place the back on the side.Look at the battery to see which side is facing the face and which is dealing with the back. You will require to bear in mind this when you change the battery.STEP four. Get rid of the old battery , being careful to not touch or change any of the mechanisms in the silicone watch.STEP 5. Location the brand-new battery in the silicone band watch so it deals with in the same way as the old

one did.STEP 6. Snap the silicone watch back in place over the battery by securely pressing down with your thumbs.PS: Inspect all service warrantyinfo you might have prior to changing the battery yourself. It’s possible that you may be voiding the warranty when you open the back and replace the battery. Resource File: DEX blog site

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