Origin of watch

After the World War I the wrist watches . began replacing the pocket watches. This was due to the fact that the watches that you utilized to get at that . time were big in size and the weight of the watch is also heavy due to which it . ended up being very tough for individuals to bring it together with them. But the . watches that are designed now a day by utilizing the latest technology are . easy to carry in addition to you. The size of this kind of watch likewise lowered and . the weight of the watch likewise reduced a bit. A few of the range of this kind of . watch comes with a huge chain with it which you can worn around your neck or you . can likewise connect it with your shirt button hole or bag etc. the 2 most popular . style in which you get the pocket watches is the hunter design and the open face . design. The open face pocket watch is a type of watch which does not come with a . covering on the crystal face. The other design i.e. the hunter design features . a metal case which you can near to protect the dial of the watch from any . damage to the dial of the watch. The cover of this type of watch also . protect the watch from any scratch on the watch and it likewise safeguard the watch . from dust and dirt too. In this type of watch without opening the face of the . watch you can check out the time of the watch. . The motion of the watch in these two types of watch is also different. . The earlier design of the pocket sees features a secret which is utilized to set . the time and also to set the movement of the watch.
With the assistance of the essential . you can likewise set the time in addition to wind the watch. After the turning up of the . wrist watch the popularity of the watch also minimized.
But with the . advancement of technology as brand-new design watches are showing up so the appeal . of this kind of watch is likewise increasing day by day. Now a day this type of . watch likewise comes with some various design and color and shape and because of . this the look of the watch also changed. The metal that is used to make the pocket watches likewise .
altered therefore the weight of this kind of watch likewise reduced.

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