Promotional Tattoos-A Great Marketing Tool


If you are intending towards dispersing your logo design.
as commonly as possible, then you can broaden your logo/ brand reach by.
acquiring a bigger volume of advertising/ personalized tattoos. Logo Tattoos.
are easier to keep and to disperse in mass quantities at a congested location. If.
you want represent an elite image, then customize a smaller volume of high-end.
tattoos for distribution to chosen clients. They will certainly value a.
fine product made from quality decorations & basic materials. Your brand name is.
as crucial to for Tattoo Bug as if it was our own.
A custom made advertising product is a direct reflection upon your company.
& organization. Tattoo Bug guarantees your corporate identity is crisp, tidy.
and consistent. There disappears cost effective type of marketing than with.
promotional tailored momentary body tattoos. Promotional Tattoos are.
inexpensive and easy to disperse. Most importantly, promoting through.
marketing/ Logo tattoos provides you absolute control over your brand originality.
Tattoo Bug offers a bespoke service for the manufacture of custom-made made transfer.
body tattoos, sticker jewels, glitter body tattoos, crystal/ rhinestone.
tattoos, water transfer body tattoo & other sizzling variety of short-lived.
tattoos, whether in any kind of work, design or colors. Our custom made.
items can provide fashionable appearance to any business’s, university’s,.
institute’s or club’s logo.
Tattoo Bug also offers custom-made developed products to Style Designers, Events.
management companies, Marketing Companies & various other business.
Tattoo Bug is also able to package to customers ‘ requirements. Tattoo Bug is.
devoted and driven to show to our clients that short-term body tattoos are a.
winning method of promotion & marketing. To find out more-

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Niraj Gera is the Marketing Director of Tattoo Bug. Tattoo Bug (tattoo suppliers, momentary tattoo.
producers) has created values of quality, exclusivity and.
excellence. Our style team has actually created a large.
variety of designer tattoos dedicated to bringing you the tattoos that finest.
expresses your lifestyle.

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