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The Biggest Secret That Almost Doubles Your eBay Sales

You’re now going to discover a secret you can use to develop a product description that will blast your sales out of the universe, well nearly.A trick that took me years of believed to best. A trick that when you’get

‘ it, will take your eBay selling abilities far beyond every other eBayer.Even if you’re already a pro. Even if you’re a million miles far from being a pro. EVEN if you can’t compose a listing for toffee.It will not take you long, simply a few minutes.

However when you’ve finished reading this article, a light in your brain will unexpectedly come on.It’s not difficult. It won’t baffle you.

It’s something obvious. However something I have actually not seen any eBayers do, in reality, many are doing the exact opposite.Before we learn the secret, we should get the dictionary out and search for …”Anticipation “The dictionary defines the word’Presumption’as ‘To consider


take liberties’. for this exercise we are going to use the first definition To take something for given ways that we always expect the same specific behaviour

from a certain person.There are two kinds of presumption. Logical presumption and illogical anticipation. Irrational presumption is when you deal with someone inadequately and still anticipate them to act as they generally do towards you. (This is among the biggest killers of relationships). Reasonable presumption is when you do not deal with someone badly and expect them to behave as they generally do towards you.We have to make that difference

before we can continue.With rational anticipation, you are not being manipulative in any way. You are not even motivating the person to behave typically

. You are NOT providing the excuse to NOT behave normally.Here’s a fantastic example for you.I am unsure this is a universal thing, but consider this. if you’re driving down the street and, let’s say, you remain in a bit of a hurry. Would you state that you drive a little

closer to cars in front of you?

Or would you say you drive even more away when in a hurry?I’ll answer that for you. You drive closer.Now, a concern for you. What happens when you drive closer to the automobile in front of you? Answer? They end up being awkward. They slow down. They unexpectedly become the most cautious motorist in the world. They stick to the

speed limitations. They become 10 million times more courteous. They stop at pelican crossings if they see someone 20 feet away strolling towards it.Normally, that very same motorist goes at 10mph over the limitation( Till they see a speed video camera )they don’t let anybody out. I mean, they nearly run people over on the pelican crossings typically. But for some unusual reason, they are not acting typically today.All you need to do to’ make’that motorist drive usually is to ease up and not drive too close best? Just hang back a bit, act as you normally would, and they will act the method they generally would.Driving lesson over. Park up and lets continue with the article.Two key phrases to take

from all that are “Take for given” and”Act as you normally would “. Those 2 things are vital to ‘getting’this trick. Let me describe each expression a little bit more.When you write an eBay listing, the very first thing to do is

to take it for given that whoever reads it is going to purchase your product.This means not composing things like”If you like the appearance of this and so on.” or “If that sounds good then go here to order right now.”It implies writing “I make certain you like the look of this …”or” This sounds terrific I know, so go here and

order when you get time.” Okay?You must be presumptuous. You need to take it for granted.BUT.It needs to be LOGICAL anticipation. So you must act as you typically would,

which leads me to my most significant copywriting secret.INDIFFERENCE.Remember the ‘car ‘example I informed you about? If you drive too near to individuals, they will end up being uncomfortable and not function as they normally would?But on the other hand, if you drive too far they may start slowing down. They might start ‘checking out the


They may stop at pedestrian crossings to wait on somebody who hasn’t quite decided they wish to cross the road yet, since there’s no one behind them.People are weird. However life would be uninteresting if individuals were not strange right?Anyhow,

basically, to’

get ‘individuals to act as they normally would, you need to be indifferent to the result. You should not care in any case. And if you always compose an eBay listing with that’ attitude’, the reader will act normal.If he/she wants the item(they have actually clicked on your listing so they should do )and you have actually written the listing as if you’re indifferent to the outcome. they will act normal and buy it.Push excessive like most eBayers do and they get awkward.So, your income has actually just gone up.Can you say”Lar Udes

A Manny!”This secret underpins everything you’ll gain from me so if you’re in any doubt about it, please contact me and I will clarify.You may be wondering how you can be indifferent to the result AND take for approved they’ll buy it?Let’s return in our car once again for a minute.If you drive a ‘good’distance from the car in front, not too close that they get awkward and not too far so they can’t see you, then they get the sensation that you do not care what they do and you can then anticipate them to act normally, to drive normally.If you compose your eBay listing

with indifference to the outcome, the reader gets the sensation that you don’t care what they do however you can then anticipate them to act generally, to go through the purchasing procedure typically, they want it , but push too hard and they will get awkward.So the trick is to compose your eBay listings with indifference and also as if you presume the reader is going to purchase.

That’s the biggest eBay sales trick. And the starting point for whatever else.Does it work?You bet yer!

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