The English Grandfather Clock Tradition

English clockmakers have been associated with grandfather clock design and construction since the beginning. English grandfather clocks span a period of history that included the reign of Charles II, the Queen Anne period, the Georgian period, and the days of Queen Victoria. In truth, the well-known Eastgate Clock was created to commemorate Queen Victoria’s 80th birthday in 1897.

English grandfather clocks are not the work of a single man. Rather, they exemplify the very best in teamwork. Each clock is a testament to a fine collaboration in between designers, woodworkers, and silversmiths. Only the finest craftsman in each classification worked on the clocks. Together, they produced grandpa clocks that were gorgeous, practical, and lasting.

In early 18th century, English grandpa clocks were made with moon dials. This allowed clock owners to know the moon phase at a look, in addition to the hour and the minute. More than just a stylish fad, the moon dial was critical to the way of life of the day. This feature was practical to tourists, as they often needed their journeys to accompany the moon’s phases. Journeys were much safer by the light of the moon. Moon stages were likewise helpful for farmers. Some clocks today still include a moon dial and lunar calendar.Today, numerous antique English grandfather clocks are still in blood circulation. These important clocks are quite popular with collectors. Some popular English grandfather clocks include those by Holmes, Trubshaw, Thomas Cartwright, Thomas Wright, Matthew & & Thomas Dutton, Daniel Quare, Allam & & Clements, and Thomas Johnson. For a clock of enduring quality and classic beautyFree Reprint Articles< img src="" alt="Free Reprint Articles" border="0"/ >, any of these great examples would be a valuable prize for somebody thinking about the purchase of an English grandfather clock.

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