The Military May of Burgundy: Ch teau de Bazoches

Plunge headfirst into France’s fascinating military history from a high-end hotel barge on the waterways of Burgundy.One of the best

however frequently neglected methods to see Europe’s sights is by water. There’s absolutely nothing like travelling in a hotel barge and immersing yourself in the local surroundings and culture, particularly when there’s so much to see all around you. Join us aboard L’Art de Vivre on a journey through Burgundy, and take in a few of the finest destinations that France has to offer.For enthusiasts

of France and military history alike, L’Art de Vivre will take you exactly where you wish to go. The Château de Bazoches is a bonanza of historic interest, military expertise and stylish architecture.Back in Time Going back to the twelfth century,

the grand château was originally constructed on a Roman site, overlooking the Morvan landscape. The estate itself stems from the fashionable antiquity of the seventeenth century, as evidenced by its splendid architecture. Strolling through its halls, you can quickly envision the courtiers of King Louis XIV strolling past you.A True Genius The most famous owner of the château is Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban

, extensively renowned for his military genius. He purchased the estate following his massive success in the siege of Maastricht, for which Louis XIV rewarded him with a large amount of loan. His home became the headquarters for his tactical and stronghold designs, which were extensively appreciated and used by numerous French cities for over a century.Ahead of his time, Vauban comprehended modern advances in innovation and weapons, making him a master of military planning

. He would utilize elaborate miniature ravelins, bastions and moats to further his concepts, and ended up being a leader of the bayonet rifle, the iron-barrelled cannon and the mortar. His expertise in military engineering and strategy was unparalleled, so it’s not a surprise that over 300 cities in France feature his designs, including Lille, Dunkirk and Bayonne.Luxury Libraries Château de Bazoches is likewise house to a comprehensive library, which consists of over 5,000 books and is a must-see for literature lovers. Vauban himself wanted

literature, and penned

his well-known Royal Tithe throughout his time there. Sadly, his composed criticism of the upper classes and the inequalities of the tax system cost him his royal favour, triggering him to fall from grace for the rest of his life.Further Info If the abundant and diverse history of this grand Burgundian home sounds too good to be real, what are you waiting for? European Waterways will take you on a high-end hotel barge cruise and guarantee that you take in all of France’s finest sights. For more details, don’t hesitate to explore our website or get in touch with our friendly team of specialists.

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