Treasure Hunting For Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamonds are double ended quartz crystals that are discovered in Herkimer County, New york city, thus the name. These crystals have usually have a shape that is extremely similar to diamonds with 18 elements and 2 terminators or points at the end. These beautiful gemstones were formed close to five hundred million years ago. They are formed exceptionally gradually in pockets of rock and can be clear or cloudy in color and may be found in a verity of colors depending on the impurities present in the crystal.These quarts crystals range in size from tiny to over eight inches long and 3 to four inches wide and in rare cases even larger. The very best gem quality crystals are typically found in the one half inch to one inch range and will have excellent clearness, which is the reason they are nicknamed diamonds. As the crystals become larger in size they tend to end up being less clear.Herkimer diamonds are naturally faceted and have a solidity ranking of 7 where diamonds have a firmness of 10 and it need to be cut to provide it smooth faces and the conventional diamond like shape.How are they formed?Millions of years ago calcium magnesium carbonate was transferred on the ocean floor. As

a growing number of the sediments were deposited on the ocean floor the calcium magnesium carbonate and other minerals was compress into a rock strata called Dolostone which is quite comparable to limestone. Cracks can develop in the dolostone and then sea water will dissolve part of the rock leaving pockets where the quarts crystals form. Pockets can consist of from 1 to countless these quarts crystals of all sizes. These pockets normally vary in size from 1/2 inch to 6 feet in diameter.Many of the crystal prospectors believe that they include esoteric properties. They are believed to be able to trigger your pineal eye and boost the dreaming

state. When used they might produce a greater access to your psychic abilities.At Herkimer Diamond Mine located in Herkimer County, New York City, you can buy an all-day prospecting ticket for around$10. Prospectors can dig through the debris near the mine location and burst rocks looking for the Herkimer diamond deposits. Typical tools utilized for prospecting are a 2 to 3 pound hammer, sculpt, crowbar, safety glasses, gloves< img src=" "alt ="Health Fitness Articles" border= "0"/ >, 5 gallon container with water and some type of hoe or rake to move the stacks of damaged rock around. Basic tools can be supplied by the mine staff with correct identification. Visit the Herkimer diamond web website for current hours of operations and prices.Up to 500 individuals a day from all around the world might visit the mine to possibility. Searching for Herkimer diamonds is terrific enjoyable and a lot of effort. If you are fortunate your will discover a large pocket of crystal within the quarry

walls. One or more of the diamonds may be found by searching the rock rubble near the quarry walls scattered throughout the quarry floor with little or no effort. Another common possibility method is to select and burst a rock with a heavy hammer and look for a cavity with crystals imbedded within.Happy treasure hunting.

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