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A gasket or O ring is used to make a watch water resistant these can be made of rubber, nylon or Teflon and form a water tight seal at all the joints including the crown (the winding stem), case and where the crystal glass fulfills the watch case. Another element of water resistance is the back of the watch, a screw on back is far remarkable to a push on back. DepthThe depth that a watch can be utilized at is a bit confusing a watch marked as a water resistance of 10 meters you would at first believe that you might safely use that watch in a swimming pool as long as you do not go deeper then 10 meters. This is not the case, as a watch that is water resistant to 10 meters is created not to be utilized under water and can just stand up to light splashing of water. Even a watch marked as water resistant to 30 meters need to not be worn while swimming in a deep pool. For swimming you are taking a look at the minimum of 100 meters water resistance to safely utilize this in a swimming pool.Things that affect water renitence in watches You must not utilize you watch in a hot tub or sauna, as the heat will make the metal within the watch broaden at various rates then the gaskets this can allow water to get in your watch.Water resistance chartWater-resistant to 30 meters, Will stand up to splashes of water or rain however should not be worn while swimming or diving. Water-tested to 50 meters, Appropriate for showering or swimming in shallow water. Water-tested to 100 meters, Appropriate for swimming and light snorkeling. Water-tested to 150 meters (500 feet). Ideal for snorkeling. Water-tested to 200 meters (660 feet). Suitable for skin diving. Scuba diver’s 150 meters, ideal for scuba diving. Diver’s 200 meters suitable for diving. The water resistance markings on watches in my opinion are deceptive and must be redesigned to tell you the consumer what depth you can actively take your watch to while doing regular daily triggers. Without knowing a little about this subject having a watch, significant 30 meters would make me think that I might utilize this in a swimming pool without any worries.

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