AboutTime SmartWatch Bluetooth Smart Watch, Long Battery IP67 Waterproof Sleep Display Message/Call Suggestion All-in-One Bracelet for Android & iOS Apple iPhone/Samsung Galaxy/Huawei/Xiaomi, Black

AboutTime SmartWatch Bluetooth Smart Watch, Long Battery IP67 Waterproof Sleep Monitor Message/Call Tip All-in-One Bracelet for Android & iOS Apple iPhone/Samsung Galaxy/Huawei/Xiaomi, Black

Product Description Q & A for AboutTime SmartWatch.Q : The Blood pressure data and heart data is different from medical devices.A : High blood pressure information is in variation, there is a difference in identifying constant two times with the same high blood pressure meter on the same person. Detection method and environment element affect the blood pressure information, such as anxious, excited, demanding and so on. Normally speaking, electronic device use sensor to identify body’s activity, some tolerance is regular during the detection. The information is for reference just, users might utilize the professional gadget to inspect data.Q : Why is actions information on AboutTime SmartWatch less than that on the mobile phone?A : Different algorithm by AboutTime

SmartWatch and mobile phone.Q : How to reset the password?A : On wristband, switch to sleep page,

push and hold for 6 seconds, with vibration to reset the original password “0000”. Q : Sleeping time on AboutTime SmartWatch is different from the typical sleeping time.A : Please use the AboutTime SmartWatch effectively on the wrist rather of putting

aside or outside of coat, incorrect wearing triggers the mistake. By the method, the sensor in AboutTime SmartWatch finds people’s activity, if awaken and remain at bed without apparent movement, still count time in sleeping time.Q : Can’t charge power.A : Please connect device and charger correctly. The charging metal point potentially gets dirt or oxidized along

utilizing time, trigger the contact point is not well, it’s suggested to clean and charge. If don’t utilize the device for a long period of time, the requirements charging longer. Device with liquid in causes charging problem. Please do not use the unqualified power adaptor, battery charger or power adaptor for the tablet to charge wristband, over-loaded input-current perhaps burn out the wristband’s primary board. *** When the first time using the watch, please connect the Bluetooth through app instead of the vehicle connection. *** ✓ ⌚ Your Healthy Guardian-All-day activities tracker,

wise pedometer, automatic heart rate, high blood pressure and sleep screen with IP67 waterproof, notificatons reminder, video camera

  • remote, alarm. All the function you require, the ideal smartwatch for you and your relative. ✓ ⌚ Make Your Life Easier -24 hr ‘smart blood pressure and heart rate monitor with advanced PPG sensor. ✓ ⌚ No More Missing Out On Message -Timely syncs with your phone by bluetooth 4.0, get advising of Call, SMS and app push notification. ✓ ⌚ Never Ever Stress Over Sweating It Out-IP67 water resistant, durable TPU strap and well-crafted alloy watch case, Anti-scratch tempered glass cover, together with current smart innovations. ✓ ⌚ Something Requirements To Know-Device needs Android 4.4/ above, bluetooth 4.0, iPhone 4s/above, IOS 9.0/
  • above. 100 campaign articlebuilder

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