Best Classic Watches – Women’s Choice

Classic watches for women are by design elegant, slim, as well as stylish. Such watches are demanded ever since they were made and I can hardly remember one that went out of fashion. This article will shed some light on the best watches for women.

There are classic watches for women that are made of stainless steel, silver or even gold. Only classic wrist watches add supreme sophistication to the personality of a woman who loves showing off her wealth and beauty.

Usually, women’s top branded watches will feature stylish combination’s of shape and function. You can find lean designs that feature slim straps, bracelets or dials. Best  watches for women are usually obtainable in a range of great looking materials or colors.

If you look at best quality classic watches, you’ll see that at the upper end there are watches featuring gold plated link bracelets that are adjustable. These quality watches also include baguette stone accents, deluxe mother-of-pearl dials or an elegant assortment of majestic touches.

Most of the classic watches for the fair sex are sold in elegant boxes – meant for giving as presents. Like said earlier, women feel like radiating sophistication with such  watches.

However, the following list gives you an account on some of the all time popular luxury watches for women. These watches are also cherished as collectible souvenirs.

Some of the following brands have become truly rare these days. Whatsoever, here are the top 14 brands/manufacturers that won women’s hearts ever since they hit the market.

01. Patek Philippe

02. Rolex

03. Vacheron Constantin

04. Audemars Piguet

05. Cartier

06. Omega

07. Movado

08. IWC

09. Hamilton

10.  Elgin

11.  Longines

12.  Armani

13.  Seiko

14.  DKNY

Source by Ricardo Koehler

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