Citizen made a boring smartwatch and told everyone how unique it was

Citizen made the CZ Smart smartwatch, and they need to be ashamed of themselves.

Why? Because they’ve realized nothing.

The Web web site for the Citizen CZ Smart boasts, “Iconic Citizen design.” We have to have a chat.

When I final advised you that it was time to make Citizen Great Again, I used to be speaking about how Citizen wanted to give you a design language that may outline it, and make Citizen uniquely identifiable.

This isn’t it. Citizen failed.
Their advertising workforce wrote these phrases, with out there being something iconic, and even uniquely Citizen about it.

what’s iconic design

There are numerous design parts to a watch: the case, the crown, and noticeably, the dial.

If you took the branding off three iconic watches, you’d know who made them with no second’s thought.

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