Follow the English Premiership through your wrist watch

A distinct watch, established by a Hong Kong based business owner, allows the owner to view all components and keep a record of the outcomes of approximately any 3 of their favourite groups in the English Premiership Football League is now on the market.The watch, which can be found in 3 colours, black, blue and red, is the brainchild of Robert Cave, Handling Director of Spfx Sports Watches (International)Ltd.”At an organisation lunch with a pal 3 years ago, I said, would not be fantastic if I might instantly understand whom my favourite football teams are playing and the idea of a watch having this capability was born,” Robert Cave stated. “It has been rather a journey and it has actually resulted in the development of what is the very first watch to check out and download info direct from the Web,” he said.The watch costs ₤ 99 and can be acquired through and
It includes an electronic key which enables fixtures to be downloaded from the main website.Up to 3 teams can be tracked and apart from detailing fixtures and enabling results to be tabulated, it likewise displays the time in 20

different time zones.Incredibly, when purchasing a watch, a purchaser has the alternative to go into a lucky draw, drawn after the sale of the first 10,000 look for

US$ 250,000 worth of diamonds, or a rolling draw, made after the sale of batches of 150 watches , to win a 5 outing to the UK and VIP treatment at a Premier League match.

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