How Can Digital Beat Analog?

I was a student of electronics in the 80s. Digital electronics seemed like a fancy word then.As budding engineers we remained in a dilemma: Why was digital electronics considered so cool and why was analog electronics thought about seriously yesterday?In analog you might

have nearly infinite number of values, however digital had ones and nos. And binary transmission implies a bunch of nos and ones. What could be the fun in that? For circumstances in analog

transmission, if I wanted to transfer the number 254, I would merely send it as 3 digits, a 2 and a 5 and a four. But in digital, specifically binary transmission, it would need to be 8 digits, i.e. 11111110, i.e., a series of seven ones and then followed by one zero.I have been discussing binary transmission when discussing digital, since they are not the same thing. Binary transmission is just one kind of digital transmission. There can be numerous others. For example there can be trinary, which would transmit absolutely nos, ones, and twos. You get the idea.Though there

were initial doubts, there is now no doubt that digital electronics is the winner. This is because, in developing electronic circuits, you can very easily produce changing circuits that will have a high voltage, i.e., a one and a low voltage, i.e., a zero.So, back to the original question. Why is analog not as great as digital? Are we missing out on something? Did out engineering instructors lose out on teaching us about some vital part of the deal here? For circumstances, could it have to do with economics and not about electronics at all?With our brain

muddled with such thoughts, concerns, and inquiries, we approached numerous teachers and masters. Though they all understood that digital was obsolete, there were couple of who might offer us more than basic party-lines. Naturally there were the old-timers who stood staunchly behind the power electronics based upon the analog paradigm.It was the belief of these old-timers that the real electronic devices was the power electronic devices with vacuum tubes and a great deal of heat. They told me of big factories and commercial units that ran on these power electronics.They belittled the latest trends focusing on

digital electronics as a fad that was unworthy more than making doorbells or kids jobs. Probably that is all that they were exposed to in the name of digital electronics.Now that 2 decades have actually passed, we have addressed much of our early questions, but we have likewise produced new and harder concerns. Exceptionally enough it was the printed circuit board that offered digital its genuine increase.

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