How to set time on silicone band watch

How to set the time on a silicone rubber band watch?I bought a silicone rubber band like watched from America silicone watch wholesaler, (Even the silicone watch can be found in a custom-made silicone watch gifts box that states it was made in China however “created in U.S.A.”) and i can’t get the ideal time to display.
Would you pls tell me understand how to change it? thanks!Answer: Thanks

once again for your email, According to the pics you sent me, this type silicone watch from our DEX factory created and made the entire production process with a single operation. on the back there are 2 little holes. If you press something pointy in to the leading one it will make something on the screen flash. You can then change the worth by pushing the long pointy thing in down hole. To go on to the next bit (i.e. go from hours to minutes) press the long pointy thing in to the top hole once again and so on until you have actually been all the way through. Eventually the screen must return to the normal time display with the bit between the numbers flashing.Above is the typical about How to set time on silicone band watch.I hope we’ve influenced you to find yours.DEX Team

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