inDigi GT8 Universal SmartWatch Pedometer + Physical fitness Android iOS – Free 32GB SD!

inDigi GT8 Universal SmartWatch Pedometer + Physical fitness Android iOS – Free 32GB SD!

Item Description The indigi GT8 Smart Watch & Phone is a wise watch and phone in an ingenious smartwatch that keeps you linked to your phone through Bluetooth 3.0. We’ve included built-in video camera function on GT8. With its HD color touchscreen, incorporated microphone and speaker, U-Watch serves as a wireless dialer, allowing users to deal with calls directly from their wrist – bringing you all functions of a modern smartphone in a practical wrist watch type and at a fraction of the price! Total with Bluetooth, GSM Quad Band connection and being completely opened. GT8 is a quadband GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) unlocked phone that can be utilized from anywhere across the world. You can stick in your GSM micro SIM-card and you can acquire immediate access to a remarkable interaction gadget that works like a cellular phone on your wrist. Without sim-card, No issue! The GT8 likewise permit you to link to your mobile phone through Bluetooth and bring all the features to your wrist. On incoming calls, GT8 rings and vibrates, showing the caller number and/or contact on its HD screen. You can quickly answer or reject calls thanks to its house buttons and integrated speaker and microphone. The GT8 Smart Watch & Phone likewise informs you of missed calls and inbound SMS. The GT8 Smart Watch & Phone lets you stream music from your paired gadget and includes an anti-lost alarm that signals you with a gentle vibration when your phone is away. Geared up with a pedometer that tracks actions taken, calories burned, speed and mileage took a trip, you can now track your physical fitness development. The GT8 Smart Watch & Phone is likewise equipped with a sleep display that track hours and quality of sleep. (Please note that this Watch Phone deals with iPhone iOS however with restricted features as the needed btnotification app is still not available on iPhone appstore, please refer to features compatibility table for more information)

  • GSM Unlocked – It works with any gsm wireless providers in the world such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Straightalk, Orange, Vodafone, you call it. You can input your GSM micro SIM-card and gain instantaneous access to an incredible interaction gadget that works like a cell phone on your wrist.Take Outgoing/Incoming/End/ Reject Calls – After connecting your smart device through Bluetooth, the GT8 can take outbound, inbound, and end or decline phone calls straight without touching your phone.SMS Get and Reply from SmartWatch- View the message and Respond from your watch Pedometer & Sleep Monitor-Kick begin your health by tracking the number of actions you have actually taken and the calories burned throughout the day. The Sleep Monitor-Wearing it when you sleep will help you keep an eye on for how long you’re asleep and the quality of sleep you’re getting. A goodnights rest makes you energetic and energetic the entire day.Built-in Cam|Color Touch Screen |
  • Time Show|Calls (Answer, End, Turn Down)| Caller ID|Messaging|Notification|Remote Camera Shutter|Music|Phonebook|Anti-lost Alert|Built-in Mic & Speaker|Ringtone & Vibration|Pedometer|Audio Player|Calendar|Alarm|Multimedia|Voice Recorder|Image Viewer|Calculator|Sleep Monitor|Phone locator|

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