Ladies Deluxe Talking Wrist Watch Two Tone Great …

Ladies Deluxe Talking Watch Two Tone White Face 1 Button (Time Only) with Deluxe Expansion (Stretch) Band This high fashion quality watch has a clear voice, with an easy to see 1” white face with bold black numbers and large black hands. A female voice states the time at the touch of a button in AM or PM. The other buttons are setting buttons they are recessed to avoid accidental re-setting. The watch gives you voice prompts to help you set the time. This watch is ideal for those with Low Vision or Blindness and great for telling time in the dark. **ALL WATCHES ARE TESTED BEFORE SHIPPING ONLY IF THE WATCH IS PURCHASE FROM “Active Products Plus”

Talking Watch , Speaks the time in AM or PM
Deluxe Expansion Band
Trouble shooting tips are mentioned in the manual, some additional steps are:
The watch Hour and minute hand is set independently from the Audible time that the watch speaks. Setting the Analog Displayed Time: As indicated in the manual, to set the current time displayed, the user must use the watch Crown to set the desired time. Setting the Audible Time: To set the hour, press the S2 Button – watched says “set hour” followed by the S1 button to adjust the hour, to set the Minute, Press the S2 button until it states “set minute”, followed by the S1 button to select the minute Customers must hold the S1 button for 5 seconds to activate the watch from sleep mode (battery conservation mode) Hold S1 for 5 seconds to enter sleep mode.

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