My Grandpa’s Clock

“My Grandfathers clock was too huge for the rack, so it stood 90 years on the floor” – – – The opening line of the old song “My Grandfathers Clock” – – –

“My Grandpas clock was too huge for the rack, so it stood 90 years on the flooring” – – – The opening line of the old tune “My Grandpas Clock”

This line has constantly had a deeper meaning for me, because I have actually been included in clock repair work for the last 40 years. The significant part of that line is “90 years” – – – the majority of the clocks I get in my workshop are in an extremely sorry state. A few of them have actually not been serviced or repaired in any way in a life time, and kid does it show!In reality, lots of people generate a clock and say” This clock belonged to my Dad, he had it for 50 years, I have actually owned it for twenty years, and it has never been touched!”

At this moment I typically ask how often they have their automobile serviced, and the reply is “a minimum of once a year” – – – A clock is a fragile mechanical instrument, this sort of neglect results in extreme wear on the moving parts, much of which have actually to be changed in order to get the clock running appropriately again.Of course

, this is not as easily done as an automobile repair work, there are no spare parts offered “off the rack” for a clock which can be anywhere from 100 to 300 years old! This is reflected in the repair rate, I can invest as long as 5 hours making a brand-new wheel or other part, then the clock repair work and service is on top of that – – –

I have continued reading numerous websites that you can clean your own clock by soaking the entire thing in a container of gas or Kerosene or whatever, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS – – -you will simply wash all the dust and dirt into the moving parts, where it forms a grinding paste and your clock will grind too – – – to a stop very soon after this “cleaning”. Once again in the words of the old tune, “never ever to go once again”

So what I recommend to anyone who has the advantage of owning and taking care of one of these lovely old antique clocks is this – Have it serviced, cleaned up and oiled every 5 years AT LEAST, every 2 years would be better. That way you can pass the clock on to the next generation in great initial condition and working order, rather of gifting somebody with a huge repair bill!It likewise needs to be thought about that in years to come there may not be anybody around with the needed abilities to carry out the repair work at any price!I was strolling past a clock store a couple of years ago, and two individuals were looking in the window, one stated “this is a clockmakers store”, and the other stated “Oh, I believed they were all dead now!”

That real story is really not far off the mark, so have your important old clock repaired while you still can!Some of my

work can be seen on my site, if you have an interest in clocks take a few minutes to look round itHealth Fitness Articles< a href="" >< img src="" alt="Health Physical fitness Articles" border="0"/ >, I make certain you will discover it intriguing in regards to what can still be made by hand.Andrew.

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