Nixon Re-Run A158502-00. Men’s Digital Gold Watch (38.5 mm Digital Watch Face. 13-18mm All Gold Band).

Nixon Re-Run A158502-00. Guy’s Digital Gold Watch (38.5 mm Digital Watch Face. 13-18mm All Gold Band)

Item Description MAKING THE LITTLE THINGS BETTER. RE-RUN, GOLD/BLACK. A nostalgic-inspired 80s Nixon design, the gold and black 38.5 mm Re-Run is an all-digital allstar smart watch that integrates a digital confront with a fashion jewelry design band.CALCULATOR SMARTS. Reminiscent of an old calculator, the Re-Run provides a calendar, alarm, double time, countdown abilities, and light on a negative display screen LCD call. Stay in the understand with this timeless classic.MOD THROWBACK. The

  • Re-Run watch functions throwback curves and contours adding retro appeal to a digital performance. Polyurethane pushers on the front will navigate you through modes.FUELED BY EXPERIENCES. We provide products that fulfill
  • your needs in different high-intensity work and play environments, whether it’s around the world or near home.FOR A LIFE WELL LIVED. Through our dedicated teams perspectives, we contribute
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