North Korea: Difficult yet Good to visit


With a population of more than 23 millions, North Korea is larger in area than South Korea and somewhat smaller sized than England. The majority of the areas are occupied by military individuals where one is not expected to get in. On the northern half of the Korean Peninsula, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is situated. Demilitarized zone in south, japan in the east, china in the North and yellow sea in the west flank North Korea. You will find this country an occurring location the dark in contrast to South Korea.This country is ruled by Kim Chong II after his daddy and the creator president died in 1994. Considering that many of the land consists of rugged mountains, the grain productivity is really less and the nation has to rely on the International food aid to feed its population. Decades of mismanagement are also responsible for this fact. Just a little is cultivable. The eastern part is rocky and western part has the seaside plains. North Korea’s environment is temperate. It is slightly cooler and drier than South Korea in winter. Summer season is hot, rainy and humid. May, June, September and October are the finest months to visit this nation.

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