Screw Down Crown vs Push Pull Crown (Pros & Cons)

Screw Down Crown vs Push Pull Crown watches Cover

When you take a look at the anatomy of a watch, the crown is an important half. The crown generally is a very important aesthetic component of a timepiece or it may be fairly nondescript however both method, they’re important from a technical standpoint.

Naturally, a crown holds numerous significance in a watch. For one, a crown connects the exterior and inner of the watch. It additionally helps you alter the day, date, and time. In the mechanical watch, the crown primarily helps wind the watch to maintain the timepiece in movement. Primarily watchmakers use two widespread mechanisms sorts – the screw-down and push-pull crown.

Similarly, numerous timekeeping aspects affect the crown fitted in a watch. Watches utilized in water want a selected sort of crown to make sure water doesn’t get into the watch. And alternatively, watches not meant for water use typically come geared up with a unique sort of crown.

In an identical vein, we dive into the several types of crown, their execs and cons, together with some bestselling watches with the several types of crowns. You could also be questioning which might go well with you higher and what units them aside. Continue studying to know what screw-down and push-pull crowns are.

What is a Screw Down Crown?

Most generally present in diving watches, a screw-down crown features while you unscrew the crown counter-clockwise and comes open. Dating again to the Twenties, Rolex first used a screw-down crown of their watches. Although Rolex is legendary for excellent innovations, the screw-down crown doesn’t hint its origin to the model. Rather, Rolex purchased the thought from two watchmakers, Georges Peret and Paul Perregaux.

So, how does the screw-down crown work? The inner watch part ends at a tube, connecting to a screw thread contained in the crown. When you “unscrew” the crown, the thread releases and open the crown to be used. When it’s in an unscrewed place, the screw thread presses towards the tube, closing any gaps from inside utilizing an O-ring seal.


  • Best to be used in water, because the screw-down crown helps maintain the water from getting contained in the timepiece. This crown creates an hermetic house, sealing any gaps across the watch that may let water and moisture enter into the watch.
  • Screw down can also be greatest for protecting mud from getting into the timepiece. Dust is an unwelcomed visitor. Once mud enters the watch, it could decide on the parts and make the lubricants between parts dry up. As a outcome, the watch is susceptible to simple injury.
  • You can’t unintentionally unwind a screw-down crown, and solely by manually “screwing out” or “screwing in” the crown, are you able to forestall any unintentional windings that may change the watch’s setting.


  • One widespread drawback of utilizing the screw-down crown is which you can simply injury it by overdoing the screwing torque. This can simply break the screw thread inside the watch, making the crown and the timepiece not viable to be used.
  • While it’s true {that a} screw-down crown suits ideally for a diving watch, this works solely when the crown is in a screwed-in place, and water will enter the watch when you go underwater with out screwing within the crown.

Watch Brands with a Screw Down Crown

These are simply a few examples based mostly on the value vary. You can discover many watches with the screwed-down crown, particularly all these designed for water sports activities.

The Oyster Perpetual 36 with a turquoise blue dial and an Oyster bracelet.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 (Image: Rolex)

Rolex watches, up to now, use the screw-down crown for all their watches. For occasion, the Oyster Perpetual watch incorporates a modern and slender design with a traditional aesthetic. A mechanical watch with a self-winding characteristic, Rolex ensures the utmost high quality crowns to maintain the watch model new for years!

 SEIKO WATCH SRPD63 | Seiko 5 Sports | Brands
Seiko SRPD63 Seiko 5 (Image: Seiko)

This Japanese watch model, rivaling some high manufacturers within the international market, additionally makes use of screw-down crowns for many of its timepieces. We take a look at the Seiko 5 Sports version on this instance, geared up with an computerized motion. An extraordinarily low cost different to the Rolex with the identical crown, Seiko ensures longevity.

What is a Push-Pull Crown?

Unlike the screw-down crown, a push-pull crown doesn’t want a handbook “unscrewing” to get it to perform. In different phrases, you possibly can pull the crown out and alter the day, date, and time. Once completed, you push it again in to seal it as an alternative. Where a mechanical watch hosts this push-pull crown, you possibly can wind the watch as an alternative with out pulling the crown out.

A push-pull crown makes use of an O-ring seal with lubricants to cut back friction or put on and tear on steadily utilizing the crown. Though we are saying screw down is greatest for underwater use, it doesn’t imply a watch with a push-pull crown is not going to perform underwater. Instead, a screw-down is more practical in sealing gaps for deeper water exploration past 500 toes. There are even watches designed for 1000m or extra – these virtually at all times use a screw-down crown.

And alternatively, a push-pull crown will work underwater in its “pushed in” state. However, manufacturers advocate to not take it past 100 toes as a result of the crown can’t face up to underwater strain and decompression.


  • Cost-effective in comparison with watches with screw-down crowns. Diving watches sometimes host the screw-in crown, and as such, diving watches are costly as a result of their performance and accuracy. The push-pull crown comes with extra every day put on watches and gown watches, that are cheaper than diving watches.


  • Not superb for water use, together with swimming or washing fingers often with the watch in your wrist. When you pull out the crown, it creates a small opening, permitting for water to enter the within of the watch, which might trigger extreme injury.
  • It is straightforward for a push-pull crown to open unintentionally with out the wearer’s information.

Watch manufacturers with a Pull-Push Crown

Marlin® 34mm Hand-Wound Leather Strap Watch
Timex Marlin Stainless Steel Hand-Wound Movement (Image: Timex)

This American model is legendary for producing low cost and reasonably priced watches. Built with a sure American fineness, the Timex watches include a pull-push crown. These watches don’t work for underwater exploration however on a regular basis put on. Check out the Marlin computerized watch with a easy, clear dial and a timeless design.

Swatch NEW GENT Quartz Model: SUOB705
Swatch New Gent Quartz (Image: Swatch)

Born on the helm of the Quartz disaster, Swatch constructed its title over actually reasonably priced and colourful watches. The model’s philosophy is straightforward – to develop enjoyable watches to embody the wearer’s persona. These watches use easy pull-push crowns and will not be beneficial for water sports activities.

Some watch manufacturers put further thought into the design to make the crown look aesthetically pleasing. The onion crown and the crowns discovered on bullhead watches are two nice examples as they’re one of the distinguishing options of those watches.

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