The Seiko Sportura Range

The Sportura-Range is the leading sports collection by Seiko. The basic inspiration on which this range is based is that of high performance motor sport. This range has been designed keeping attributes like practicality, durability and legibility in view. The Sportura-range is designed for the road ahead. The range consists of both kinetic and quartz watches, and for both genders.

The major types in which the Sportura-range is divided are Double Retrograde Chronograph, Kinetic Direct Drive, Chronograph Perpetual, Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph, Alarm Chronograph and simple chronograph. The Sportura-range has recently been redesigned to keep the discerning customers of Seiko happy.

Staying true to its reputation for innovation, Seiko does it again with the Sportura-range. There are not only many fresh designs in the range but there are also great additional features. The most popular among the watches in the Sportura-range is the F1 Honda special edition. This timepiece was the main focus when considering motor sport as an inspiration for the range. This watch is an ultimate example of the inspiration created to a level of perfection.

The F1 Honda special edition watch is available in two main models. One of the F1 watches has been designed with signatures of the Honda team on the dial. These watches are such that they have a combination of black and red, and they would look perfect on the wrist of a racing driver as well as any fan of the team.

For the women who like a sporty look in their watch combined with a little feminine touch, the watches in the Sportura-range may be just what they are looking for. Most of the ladies watches in the Sportura range have diamonds in their dials, and the number varies from one model to another.

Most of the Sportura-watches for women have chronograph. As compared to the other ranges for ladies by Seiko, there is lesser use of colour in the Sportura-range and the colours are mostly silver and bronze. There are many websites where the Sportura-range is in stock and all you have to do is to go online and find what you are looking for, and order for delivery.

Whether you are making an online purchase order for a Sportura Range watch or from a store, be sure to check for the guarantee. With the Sportura range as well as all other ranges, Seiko seeks to offer the best innovation and excellence to the customer. Every item in the Sportura range speaks for itself and depicts excellence. There are a lot of designs and types of watches in the entire range, which give you a wide variety of choice to take your pick for a Sportura watch.

In the Sportura range, an effort has been made by Seiko to incorporate racing colours. Hence, orange and red colour can be seen in the watches for men. When it comes to women watches, they have diamond set dials and the colours with main emphasis on silver and bronze. These are the colours that make these watches ultimately feminine while being sporty.

Source by John P Stevens

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