Themoemoe Children smartwatch, Children GPS View Gifts for 4-8 Year Old Girls Touchscreen Camera Game Compatible with 2G T-Mobile Birthday Gift for Kids( S6-Blue).

Themoemoe Children smartwatch, Kids GPS View Gifts for 4-8 Year Old Girls Touchscreen Video Camera Video Game Compatible with 2G T-Mobile Birthday Present for

Kids(S6-Blue) Item Description Themoemoe kids smartwatch, Do not stress over disturbing the child in class time, moms and dads can establish 3 on-disturb periods. During the durations, the watch

will automatically blocked all the phone calls.SIM Card: We offer Smartwatch just but without SIM Card, Please buy extra MICRO CARD.Q: How to set

it up?Step 1. Place a proper mirco-sim card.Step 2. Downlad the APP”Setracker”and

Register a The United States And Canada Account.Step 3. Register with the registration ID on

the back cover of the watch.Step 4. Visit and get all the features.Q: How to resolve” gadget offline”

problem?A:1. Check whether there are signal bars and”↑ ↓”sign

on the watch.2. If there is no signal bars, please

check whether the sim was placed correctly, and go to a great

signal location and check it.3. If there is no”↑ ↓” sign, please open the information and voice prepare for the sim card.4. if the map shows device offline, please utilizing your phone text send out listed below command to enjoy. For Speedtalk Regular Phone pw,123456, apn, wholesale,,,310260 # For IoT gadget pw,123456, apn, mobilenet,,,310260 How to change the time ? A: Send SMS resettime: pw,123456, time, hour, minute, second, date, year, month, day, day #For example: pw,123456, time,10.21.00, date,2014.07.24 #Parents can keep track of the kid’s

area in real time, monitor the kid’s calls and remote shutdown WISE ENJOY PHONE Please use our advise MICRO SIM Card to get more simple settings and complete

functions. In United States. We advise 2G SpeedTalk Card. Advise Open 5$/ Month. CAMERA This kids smartwatch has front electronic cameras

  • , the front and rear, it will record the more wonderful minute for kids and girls.Greatly enhanced the clearer photos meaning. KIDS GPS SEE This GPS tracker watch for kids uses GPS positioning systems based on Assisted GPS(AGPS)to give accurate, real-time details on your child’s place with clever expect kids. You can easily track your kid’s movements and understand where they
  • are whenever of day. SMART EXPECT KIDS Smart watch for kids with Two-way call, POUND positioning, SOS emergency call, Phonebook, Footprint, Watch alarm clock, Safe location, Came, Cam, Lighting, and so on. Moms and dads can control and set the watch through the APP. CLASS MODE, NO DISTURB-When kids at school or class, parents no requirement stress over whether the kids clever watch will trouble them. Moms and dads can set 3 period on” Do Not Interrupt”mode. This functions will be forbidden against all functions like call, game, video camera, but except SOS emergency situation.

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