Timex Digital Watch – All You Need to Know

Timex, as we all know, is one of the most known watchmakers around the world. Through the advent of the digital era and its introduction in watch technology, Timex has started making and selling of digital watches around the world. Timex digital watches remains one of the most trusting and reputated name in its own genre.


There are numerous types of digital watches by Timex: many a model and many a design depending on many a technology. There are simple digital, Timex digital sport watches, watches with both analog and digital technology, digital watches with or without indiglo technology etc.

Timex makes watches with male or female designs meaning each one will look better if worn by a male or a female respectively. They even have ‘youth’ models. Almost all of the Timex digital watches are also equipped with water resistant technology, through a variety of depths. Each watches come in different colors, different weights, different materials and different functionality such as calendar, calculator etc.

Setting Date & Time

Although there are newer technologies, there is a common problem with all digital watches i.e. setting date and time. Most people are not comfortable with setting time at their digital watches, at least not when they have just bought it. In order to do it, just follow the following instructions: first push the lower right button until you see the seconds flash, then set it to zero by the upper right button. Repeat the process again until you have set minute, date, day, month and week. Be careful while choosing am or pm.

Main Models & Prices

There are many models that go under the name Timex digital watches. There are too many models and only a few of them have been presented here: digital grip clip sports (about $20), ladies 1440 white resin (about $20), 1440 sports mid-sized watch (about $25 or lower), men’s indiglo (about $30), expedition digital compass (about $45), fitness tracker pedometer (about $85). These are all approximate prices and can vary but one thing is the price-tag is variable over a long range because of variety of models. At times Timex digital watches can even cost you as much as $100-200 or even more. We will conclude the article by a short list of 3 most popular models:

Timex T78587

This model is a men’s stylish digital model made of stainless steel with features like chronograph, alarm, indiglo night-light, timer functions as well as a month, date and day display with a battery life of 4-year and water resistance up to 30 meter. The Timex T78587 costs about $30 now.

Timex T78677

This model, costs about $25-30, is almost the same as the T78587 model with the exception that some of its variation doesn’t offer chronograph technology.

Timex T5H091

This is a yet again men’s model but this offers water -resistance up to 165 feet and is designed to fit any wrist. The Timex T5H091 costs about $16-20.

Source by Thomas T Zoellner

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