Timex Mens Watches – Do They Still ‘Take a Licking’?

Timex men’s watches used to advertise that they could ‘take a licking and keep on ticking’. They were the first watches in America to add features like water resistance, shock resistance, extra thick toughened crystals and durable straps and latching mechanisms. Timex has been making watches in America for over 150 years and in that time they have gained a reputation for tough, durable watches. Until the last couple of decades however no-one would have called Timex watches fashionable. The 1980’s changed that. The introduction of the ‘Indiglo’ watches that had a light up watch face became a hit on the dance floors of high schools across America and a new fashion icon was born.

Timex has come a long way in the past 20 years. Without releasing one iota of the quality that made them a household name in America, Timex began producing a much broader variety of watches for both men and women. Timex men’s watches now come in a range of styles that will take you from the hiking trail to the corporate jungle all with legendary Timex durability and quality. Because Timex has been around for such a long time they have a broader design spectrum than many companies.

Timex men’s watches come in styles that will suit any lifestyle and timekeeping need. This includes easy read watches for children and the elderly; sport and camping watches with features such as compasses and waterproof dive watches; specially designed triathlon training watches with heart rate monitors; and watches with chronographer features and perpetual calendars. Timex offers so many choices that it may be hard to choose just one. With Timex, however, that is okay because they are committed to keeping their prices low. With Timex you pay for the watch, not the name.

Timex men’s watches are not fancy. They will not win you points with the ultra fashion conscious. They do not have conspicuous logos or runway cache. What they do have is solid manufacturing standards, high quality materials and the reputation of 150 years of watches that ‘keep ticking’. And regardless of their fashion popularity or not, Timex makes good looking watches that sit easy on the wrist. If you want a watch with great durability, functionality and looks you can’t go wrong with a Timex. And at Timex’s traditionally low prices you can afford to own a Timex watch for work, play and sport as well.

Source by Marc Obadia

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