Which Luxury Watches Are Ruling Online?

There are several luxury watch brands that are present in the industry to amaze the watch lovers with their absolutely stunning timepieces. Different houses take different strategies to take their watches at the first page of Google. Omega, Rado, Tissot, Longines and TAG Heuer are the prime brands that remains at the peak of the pages while alluring the worldwide watch lovers and enthusiasts.

A watch buyer always keeps in mind different aspects of a watch before purchasing it. One of the major reasons is the relation between the companies and their customers. This relationship is founded by the cordial transactions and attractive amenities provided to the buyers by the brands. Secondly, it is the heritage and feats of the companies that lure the watch lovers towards them.

Some exhilarating timepieces from several brands that are most searched online are

1. Rado Coupole R22852153:

Simple yet attractive, this is an apt description of this fantastic Rado Coupole men’s watch. The reason that has made it the leading one is its reasonable price. Priced at Rs. 79,700 only, this timepiece is loaded with Swiss-made quartz movement. This type of movement contains a battery that provides it with the needed energy and also helps it to keep the precise time.

Other than this, the 36mm stainless steel case of this watch gives it the ultimate strength on any situation. Roman numerals on the 12 o’clock position reflects a flange of conventionality.

2. Tissot T Wave T112.

Blossoming rose-gold radiance comes out from this beautiful Tissot T Wave timepiece. 30mm stainless steel made case makes the piece a solid one and symbolises the indomitable spirit of the women watch lovers. Circular bezel of this model is applied in rose-gold so that it looks beautiful and also dresses the wrist of a lady with perfection.

The dial of this amazing Tissot wonder is shaded in black so that a soothing radiance comes out from it. A push button is placed at the right part of the case. It is used by the wearers to change the time. The cost of this watch is Rs. 27,300. Ornamentation of this model is superb that makes a user stylish.

3. TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 SBF8A8001.10BF0608:

Representing the speedy lifestyle of the modern generation, this TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 watch is an ideal one for the male wearers. Treated with titanium, the case of this model is a light one that can suit on every wrist and also cope with any type of circumstance. Embedded with functions like alarm clock, day date, Wi-Fi; this particular model can accompany a male wearer on any situation.

Sapphire crystal is added to this model so that it can become free from scratches and shatters. The violet dial of this timepiece makes the piece alluring. Added with Swiss-made quartz movement, this timepiece has a rate of Rs. 201,600 only.

4. Michael Kors Access Bradshaw mkt5007:

Michael Kors remains at the top 5 positions due to its modernity. This exact timepiece has a lavish structure that can tempt both the genders. It is a smart watch that does all your needs and also tells you about your regular tasks. Digital display system enables it to become more interesting.

44.5mm stainless steel case of this model keeps it robust. Two years warranty is awarded to this model making it easily changeable with a new one within the specified timeframe. It’s sable bezel colour gives the example of something new and refreshing. Mineral glass is added with this model so that it can become free from scratches and shatters. Priced at Rs. 25, 995, this watch is one for your pleasure.

5. Longines HydroConquest L3.740.4.96.6:

With a scintillating structure, this excellent watch from the Longines HydroConquest collection is a perfect one for the modern ladies. 41mm case of this model is made of stainless steel that makes it hard like rock. The sporty blue dial of this model is the most attractive part of this timepiece. It consists of a date display counter that is located at the 3 o’clock position. It exhibits the corrected date to the wearers.

Whopping 300 meters water resistance function of this model allows the wearers to go under water fearlessly. Tagged at Rs. 59,000, this watch piece is dressed with perfection. Battery powered quartz movement is loaded to this model. It charges the model and also makes it precise.

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