Zenith Defy Xtreme Trip Billon Titanium Chronograph Watch: The Very Best Chronograph Watch

I am not much for watches and really do not understand anything about men’s chronograph watches. Nevertheless, when I was hanging out in D.C. my girl and I decided to go in a costly jewlery shop. As she took a look at rings (tip tip) I kept strolling around. During my walk I just happened to stroll by the glass case of watches. Out of curiosity I closely looked at what they had. As I expected the expensive Rolex Chronoraph sees where there, in addition to Rolex watches of all kinds. These things were pricey which I already understood. Then there were some other brands I never ever heard of and after that I saw a brand name called Zenith.What captured my eye

was these uncommon looking chronograph look for men. They looked like something out of a sc-fi film. What I saw was the Zenith Guys’s 96.0529.4035/ 51. M Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph View It appeared like something designed by H.R Geiger for the Predator to wear!! Male was it cool, but when I saw the rate of practically a 150 K I couldn’t think it. I believed Rolex enjoys just cost that much. Guy was I wrong!What did this damn thing do I believed. So I Asked the jeweler,” What’s it do? “He looked at me and smiled and stated” nothing. Only 25 have been made”. He then reached in, pulled it out, and let me hold it. Given that it cost as much as among my underwater residential or commercial properties I was aprehensive to touch it, however I did. It was heavy and it’s watch arms moved by the motion of my wrist so it required no battery. When my girl took a look at it she was shocked at the cost and stated it was ugly and kept surfing. She isn’t impressed by product things.The jeweler offered me a little history lesson about Zenith watches. He stated the Swiss company had been in business for over a hundred years and that they have the highest quality of producing for hand made watches. Zenith watches are used for exploration, air travel and the navy. So I thought great, more tax payer dollars at work. Anyway, I wasn’t truly paying attention because I was just taking a look at how cool the watch was and where the nearest 7-11 was so I could buy a lottery game ticket. Lottery game profits was what was required to by this joker!This watch is made from special material called Zinichum a kind of Titanium so it is nearly indestructable and really shock resistant. It can survie depths of a 3300 feet. Not just are these watches like tiny tanks takes but they are incredibly stylish. I discovered this out as I looked at among the brochures the jeweler had and saw the innovative director of the business Thierry Nataf. I had no concept Zenith was the king of the chrono and that people put a lot effort into a watch.This is by no means a girly watch. I liked taking a look at it extremely much, specifically as the little hands and inner workings of the watch funnctioned. I politely handed it back to the jewler and said,”some day “He told me.”I will be here when

that day comes “This is an ultimate splurge and if I had 150k I would have got it; why not. It really doesn’t matter what the watch does, in my eyes it is a cool status sign. It kept the time and would have been an awesome babe magnet if I was single.

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